Matuku Neighbourhood

Matuku Neighbourhood - Sections for sale.

Sections within Matuku, the fourth neighbourhood at Te Whāriki are now available for purchase.  These sections are located opposite our well-established first neighbourhood Ivey. The first release consists of 58 new sections that range from 444m2 to 1000m2 with prices starting from $195,000*.

All neighbourhoods within Te Whāriki have fibre to the boundary and come fully fenced. All land will also come with a complimentary geotechnical report*

Click on the map to view sections for sale.  If you are viewing on a mobile device, use the search form below, or download the price list and map below.

Section availability is updated twice a day Monday to Friday.

* Section prices are based on TC1 equivalent land which is consistent with preliminary investigations. If the site specific Geo-tech report deems a Lot to be TC2 a cash refund will apply.  Depending on the size of the section the refund will be between $5,000 - $10,000. For further information or clarification please discuss with our Sales Manager.

Matuku - What’s in a name?

Matuku is the Māori name for the Australasian Bittern, a large bird that is part of  the Heron family. Mostly found in wetlands, the Matuku is on the endangered birds list with less than 1,000 left in New Zealand. The Matuku is a secretive bird and with its distinctive booming call, is often heard more than it is seen.

Matuku appear in many Māori historical accounts and stories, and are recorded in early artwork. For generations, Matuku was an important bird for Māori, providing a food source and highly valued feathers that were once used in ceremonial decoration.  With the regeneration and plantation of the wetland plants at Te Whāriki, we would love to see them back here one day.