When looking at building or buying there are always commonly asked questions. To help provide you with the information you need about Te Whāriki we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If we haven’t managed to answer your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get it answered for you. 

Is there a choice of section sizes?

Yes, available sections range in size from  574m2 to 1082m2.

What deposit do I need when purchasing a section?

A 10% deposit is required for purchasing a section with us when signing your Sale and Purchase agreement. Deposits required by builders for House and Land Packages may vary according to the builder.

Where is the section sales office located and what are the opening hours?

The section sales office is located at 176 Southfield Drive, Lincoln and is open Wednesday to Sunday 12-4pm. Our Sales Manager, Dene Maddren can be contacted on 021 622 749.

Do you have titled sections?

Yes, all sections are titled at the moment. To see availability, download our latest price list.

Can I choose my own builder?

Yes, you can use a builder of your choice when you purchase a section from Te Whāriki.  Alternatively, you may choose to purchase from a builder offering house & land packages who will build the home for you.  We have a show home village currently being built showcasing the design and build options on offer to clients who are thinking about building at Te Whāriki. 

Do I have to get sign off from Te Whāriki on house plans before applying for building consent?

Yes, all plans must be submitted to the Te Whāriki Sales Manager for design approval, including landscaping.

Does the landscaping have to be completed before moving in?

Yes, it is a requirement and part of the restrictive covenants at Te Whāriki that all landscaping must be completed prior to moving in.  If you need to find a Landscape Architect a list of qualified companies and individuals can be found here.

Do I have to build as soon as the title has become available?

No, there are no restrictions on when you have to build by. The only requirement is that you keep your section well maintained with no overgrowth or rubbish on site.  Read the full covenants here

What schools are zoned for the area?

To see which schools are zoned for the area please check out the New Zealand Schools website for the most up to date information. 

What is the house foundation criteria?

A free site-specific geotechnical report will be provided for each section upon issue of title.

What sustainable features are being incorporated into the Development?

Te Whāriki is protected and enhanced through a programme of ecologically sustainable development. Impact on the environment is minimised by reducing pollution and noise, conserving resources, preserving the landscape and encouraging native plants. The community features varied shrubs and trees in the streetscapes and open spaces, creating a natural feel, minimising the need for watering and attracting local birdlife.

The development also features living waterways promoting wildlife. The waterways and wetlands also assist in clearing storm water run-offs from roads, gardens and other land surfaces.

Walking and cycling is encouraged, reducing noise, emissions and energy requirements of the residents.